Sigil Pandelerium Codex Generate Y140IQX Anti-Fascist Earth + Sun Satyrical Impurity

If you have been directed to this site you know why you are here and you understand the importance of secrecy in regard to this site and the seed it contains.

The Forbidden Ermine of The Grimorium Verum by Glenorchy McBride III (2nd Edition Update)

“The Forbidden Ermine” is a genuinely naughty book of ANTI-RACIST Black Magick. The whole book is a SHOCKING and Fun and Liberated BLASPHEMY against The GREAT WHITE GOD. I wrote the opening passages because the police were investigating me and violating my workspace and computers, as a I wrote it ~ but they turned out to be very nice. This forbidden book makes Nazis weep.



The DALAMATIAN POX Spell involves an Anti-Nazi Psychotic-Lunacy of Activism that is currently occurring in NIMBIN, Australia (there is a better copy of this scroll in “The Forbidden Ermine”, above).

The Dalmataian Pox Spell by Glenorchy McBride III

The Seed of GAIA is a manual on The Art of “Animal Summoning”, a new ecological discipline whereby you can choose the colourful birds, butterflies, jewel beetles, sugar gliders, and other animals you want and summon them to your garden using the “magick” of Science.

THE SEED OF GAIA by Glenorchy McBride III 2013

As I am continually updating this writing, and it takes several days to run a spell check through the whole work, there are a few patches where the formatting is crazy, as I am preparing for a new edition ~ and my computers have been compromised by the nazis, so better to post everything openly.

The Book of The Rose (The 9-11 Jolly Roger Edition) by Glenorchy McBride III

“Liber Sub Rosa Nocturna” (“The Book of The Rose that Blooms in The Night”) is a prank on religion and a genuinely evil book on how to make a pact with The Devil ~ though this was written from by an Anti-Racist, it is an entirely non-racist and non-political.

The Lunar Scroll of Wytchwood (The 9-11 Jolly Roger Edition) by Glenorchy McBride III

The Scroll of WYTCHWOOD unleashes The Arcane Formula for “Earthing The Lightening Bolt”, in addition to introducing humanity to a Castle of Dreams which is either a very old meeting place or a very new experiment in telepathy.

New editions of all of these books will emerge with a genuinely amusing new prank scroll, through this site in the next few weeks.

By The Great Laughing God


I enact The Blasphemy against The Great White God!

In The Word LIBERTY,

Let My ART be Sealed!

Yea! Let My ART be Sealed!


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