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Below is a free link to the two books that form the basis of The Candyland Campaign

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The Zone (Part 1-5) by Glenorchy McBride III (This is a short story, with pictures from the game, that forms The Campaign Background)

Welcome, O thou Humans, Humanoids, Sentient Dreams, and My Beloved Worshippers and Dreamers and Children! This date, The 11th of The 1st is an auspicious date, for on this date, I invite you to adventure with our intrepid heroes, in The Zone. This year, you will have the opportunity to design a Freeway Combat Car, choose your equipment, hone your skills, and enter The Free Autoduelling Zone of Australia.
Liberty implies autonomy, within the context of only environmental patterns and social co-operation. The Free Citizen cannot validly be prevented from engaging in any act that honours The Liberty of her fellow Free Citizens and her Society. Freedom must include The Freedom to engage in consensual violence.
The Centre of Australia is a vast arid region. I have initiated a dream, which is a game, which is a philosophical question – to introduce to you the idea of The Free Autoduellling Zone of Australia. The Zone is an unavoidable implication of Liberty.
And a fantastically lucrative TV event.
Whilst I have chosen an unconventional way of presenting a philosophical idea, The Zone is a political reality whose manifestation hath started.
Consider the potentials for transforming the vast arid region, in the centre of Australia, into a money mine – whilst at the same time walling it off, as a protected Natural Heritage Wildlife Preservation. This National Park will certainly include a few unusual rules. But the indigenous population will be able to enter the deep wilds and live by ancient law, killing any white man who annoy them. And Australia will cheer whenever a Free Indigenous Being asserts her Dignity, violently. Everybody in The Zone will live Free.
The Zone is an idea that I am presenting to Australia.
In AVALON, we ride metal steeds.
It will be enormously fun and an organ in our professional liberation business.
Thus, we will conduct ourselves with Liberty, Chivalry, and Art.
The Knightly Virtues.
And yet we will also honour The Animal that we are.
The Zone is a place of adventure and testing. Everybody enters with the same amount of resources, rich and poor are equalized, as all enter through the same terrible arch that forms every gate. Women and men will enter The Zone, to make their fortune.
Bread and Circuses.
Many young men will spend a year in The Zone, before joining The Avalonian Military to make a career liberating oppressed countries, spreading the virtues of Liberty, Chivalry, and Art, and leaving many babies in liberated countries.
Some of the prettiest courtesans will also establish, in The Zone. Autoduellists have REAL money and they are intent on spending it, before they die. But the real treasures, that these girls sell, in The Zone, are their eggs.
Regardless of how society shifts and population is restricted by resource-availability, there are no laws in The Zone – this includes laws limiting the number of babies each female can birth. And every autoduellists might die tomorrow and has money. The idea of spending most or all of that money to buy a legacy is attractive, from the point of view that is Natural Selection.
A very valid point of view.
Thus, many girls enter The Zone with no intention of entering combat – because five babies to ultra-successful high-quality Autoduellists earns her enough to retire in luxury, for the rest of her life.
Thus, those citizens who survive and thrive and rise, in The Zone, will often produce many babies and these will grow to become great defenders of Liberty.
We are The Professional Liberation Business of AVALON.
And SALOME has arrived at our first destination.
The Party has started.
I invite you and your circle of comrades to join this dream, which is unfolding as a vast global (and, in future, interplanetary) multi-player fantasy game, linked through a web, in The World of Human Imagination.
I am running The Core Thread of The Story, through my small Inner Circle of Dreamers – this is a classic traditional ADQ sports report, in the old school style they used in the 1980’s. This will be published as chapters, every month or so, but irregular. This defines the Core Context Structure.
The Second Circle are The Adventure Scenarios, which occur between each chapter. These include people outside of The Inner Circle, and thus, these adventures are only written up (into The CANDYLAND Story), if any Inner Circle Characters are involved. The Adventure Scenarios are small, single session or twin- or tri- session games, which I will run for my inner circle and a other players from The Third Circle. These Adventure Scenarios will usually be for a group size of up to 11.
The Third Circle involves The Monthly Autoduelling Arena Events, which are held at a public venue under the umbrella of a pre-existing club.
Until all the places are filled, basically anybody can join The 3rd Circle and play in The Monthly Arena Duelling Events. Those who join and prove fun, may be accepted to play in 2nd Circle (out of arena) Adventures in The Zone.
The 3rd Circle Arena Events are large free-for-all combat events. An arena design plan is chosen in advance, each combatant designs a vehicle within the same cost limit and rules parameters, then all the combatants enter the arena in their vehicles and fight until only one remains.
These are spectacular events, with 20 people around a giant table (formed from a cluster of tables) and great fun. Freedom, Violence, Liberty, Fun. I used to attend CW arena events at a club in Brisbane, when I was a little, and they are wildly bloodthirsty Fun.
At every, event some of the duellists will die. You and I and every other duellist entering The Annual Autoduelling Arena Circuit should expect to be killed, at least once, in the coming season. Meat on the tarmac, with flies buzzing upon our corpses and the TV helicopter dipping low overhead, to get a gratifyingly disturbing closeup.
But as long as we have some coin, we can have our memories uploaded into a machine and then downloaded into a fresh 21 year-old clone of our former body – and, with a week of physical therapy, we can pick up where we left off, in The Driver’s Seat.
And get REVENGE, at the next Arena Duel!
An arena event is held around a large cluster of tables, gathered to form a single table with a giant map upon it, the players stand in a circle around the table and, through collective imagination, produce The Dream Bubble, rising up out of the talismantic map and meaning pieces being moved around on the table.
The Third Circle Arena Sessions will be held once per month. Up to 20 players may enter a single arena. There is a first, second, and third prize awarded.
At the end of the year, The Annual Championships are held, when The Jacarandas bloom, with 12 contestants who are The 12 highest ranking duellists of the season – to determine The Best Autoduellist in The Zone.
The Third Circle will probably also be written up, by me or perhaps as part of a group periodical, as a sports commentary article, not directly a part of The CANDYLAND Story.
And that brings us to The 4th Circle.
The Fourth Circle is “The Mars Broadcasts”, for those of you who are outside of Brisbane. This is a set of instructions for you to establish a coven of The CANDYLAND Campaign.
You and comrades can use The Broadcasts to establish your own group of Autoduellists and enter The Zone and join The Fun.
The Players Manual to The Zone contains a complete list of the book/products you need and where to get them, and will give you a complete context structure, allowing to gather your group and start playing with almost no delay. Using this set, you will start by playing three very basic scenarios, which will teach you the mechanics of the game system. Your group will then be instructed on how to establish your own regular monthly arena competition, as per The Third Circle.
The arena event competition is among the simplest sorts of CW game to run – entirely table-top, an uncomplicated celebration of MARS, and you can have great fun revelling in the inappropriately violent mayhem, as pedestrians flee wrecked duelling cars, only to be shot down and raped on the arena floor, when the winner drags some attractive meat (surviving or not) out of the wreckage of her defeated foes and consummates her triumph, before the cheering crowd. You’ll have great fun.
Thus, you, gentle reader, may gather a group in your lounge room, and indulge your secret desire for ultra-violence and fast cars and raw, primal, untamed sexuality.
But that’s not all. I will also be publishing (as part of The Broadcasts) a sequential series of adventures set outside of the arena. Thus, your group may adventure through each of iconic features of the red-sand landscape that is The Zone. You will adventure in MIDVILLE and The Anarchy Way Crossroads and The Green Door Truck Stop and Skull Rock in the core of The Badlands. Each time I publish a new Broadcast Adventure, all of the remote groups will gather and have fun. By these adventures, you will learn how to make your own adventures, and at the end of this year, your group will launch into the sky and start to fly on its own.
These are The Four Circles of this Dream that is a Game that is a Philosophical Question to Australia.

Click on link below to download ~

The Zone (Part 1-3) by Glenorchy McBride III 2018 (This is a novel forming The Campaign Background)

CAR WARS Players Manual to The Zone by Glenorchy McBride III (This is The Rules Manual for building Characters to adventure in The Zone)


Thus, O Sentient Beings of The Worlds, I extend to you this invitation to become Professional Autoduellists of The Zone, and thereby, help raise awareness of this Dream of Australia in The Space Age.
Rege Satanas!
Ave Satanas!

Click on link below to download ~

The Zone (Part 1-5) by Glenorchy McBride III (This is a novel serving as The Campaign Background)

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