Sigil99XNaughtiness14YPANDELERIUM V231218Anti-Fascist Forbidden Literature

(Click on any of the coloured links, bellow, to download the associated free SATANIC SCROLLS/BOOKS of ANTI-FASCIST NAUGHTINESS) ~

Lillian Glade & The Seed of The World Tree (A Political Novel about Vampyres & Wizards & Environmentalism & Philosophy & Girls in Science)

The Butterfly Eclipse ~ Pass It On (The Liberation of The Female ~ 2 pages long)

THE CHANGE KEY I (The Formula for ending Modern Nazism’s Rise, Part 1 = 1 page long)

The Protocol of The Black Sheep (The Formula for ending Modern Nazism’s Rise, Part 2)

The Book of The Rose that blooms in The Night (GRIMOIRE #1 A book on how to make a Pact with The Devil)

The Forbidden Ermine of The Grimorium Verum (GRIMOIRE #2 A book of black magick dedicated to The Great Spider)

 The Seed of Gaia (GRIMOIRE #3 A manual on The Ecological Art of Animal Summoning)

The Night Scroll of The Executioners Guild (A Blasphemy against The Nazi Skinhead Movement)

The Dalmatian Pox Spell (A Magickal Prank upon The Nazis)

The Riddle Scroll of The Third Enigma – Exposing Fascist Idiocy (A Scroll unveiling three layers of Aleister Crowley’s Riddle)


High Quality SALOME Image


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