The Seed of GAIA, Eco-Literature



By pressing on the coloured links, below, you will download the FREE e-book edition of these sylvan holy books teaching The Eco-Spirituality of GAIA & PAN, The Mystery of The Sylvan Dream, and The Art & Science of Animal Summoning, in urban and agricultural landscapes, and the formula of the new empire of The Free Kingdom of AVALON ~

Lillian Glade & The Seed of The World Tree

(This is a story which teaches The Art of Animal Summoning through fantasy, imagination, and fun)

The Sylvan Scroll of The Earth Children

by Glenorchy McBride III (This is the wyldling formula for The Insanity Cult of The Sylvan, great naughty fun)

The Seed of Gaia

by Glenorchy McBride III (This is the essential Manual of Animal Summoning)

The Butterfly Eclipse

by Glenorchy McBride III, a.k.a. SALOME of BABYLON (This 2-page scroll contains the spell for overturning the established gender-bigotry against Women. It is as or more important that it be circulated among Men, than among Women.) 

The Red Scroll of AVALON

by Glenorchy McBride III (This is a dream of the future of Australia, America and Britain, concentrated into a single little scroll on The Free Kingdom of AVALON, The Quest of Excalibur, and The Rebirth of The Free World). 


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